Need Help with objectives, here are all of them.

1. Buy 7 turnips at once at the store
Reward: Saddle Blanket
2. Post your position in the Breeder’s Rankings
Reward: 3 aging points
Tip: Go to Ranking > Breeders > View my position in ranking
3. Participate in 2 competitions with your horses
Reward: 1 trained horse
4. Reach ____ days of seniority (2 more days)
Reward: 50 apples
5. Reach 4 years with a horse that you had born (your user name is listed as the breeder)
Reward: 300 equus
6. Go riding for at least 4 hours in a row with one of your horses
Reward: 500 points in the general ranking
7. Offer a cover with one of your stallions
Reward: 1 MG Saddle
8. Give a lesson with one of your horses
Reward:  5 turnips
9. Sell exactly 20 droppings to the store at once
Reward: 100 more droppings
10. Congratulate 3 players on their game
Reward: congratulations from Ow
11. Equip your horses with a saddle
Reward: 1 trained horse with Pluto’s Parchment
12. Purchase exactly 20 turnips at once at the store
Reward: 10 more turnips
13. Train for at least 3 hours with one of your horses
Reward: 2 energy mashes
14. Give a mash to a horse
Reward: 10% in moral for all your horses
15. Participate in 8 competitions with your horse
Reward: 300 equus
16. Use an aging point
Reward: Fully trained pegasus
17. Be an employee in an equestrian center
Reward: regular salary
18. Finish among the top four in a competition with your horse
Reward: 2 calorific mashes
19. Put horses from your breeding farm to bed _____ times
Reward: Daphne’s Laurels
20. Bid on a horse at auction
Reward: 300e
Tip: You need 10 days of seniority to access the auctions.
21. Name one of your horses “Tip”
Reward: 10 turnips
22. Put one of your horses in a stall for 10 consecutive hours
Reward: 4 FK horseshoes
23. Congratulate a player on their birthday
Reward: 1 MF Bridle
Tip: Go to Community > Directory > “See today’s birthdays” (button on the right)
24. Give your horse a health mash
Reward: 1 Sea-horse
25. Give an apple to another player’s horse
Reward: 1 MK saddle
26. Reach a breeder reserve of _____ equus (800e more)
Reward: 300 more equus
27. Sell a horse in auction
Reward: a horse with a Harmony Pack
Tip: It takes 3 days for an auction to complete. If you are near this objective, put a horse in auction for 500e . The objective will validate once it is sold.
28. Out of the past 20 days, log-in 10 days
Reward: 20 apples
29. Buy a saddle from the shop
Reward: 2 energy mashes

30.  Earn 200 equus by playing with a companion
Reward: 1 pair of Golden Spurs
31. Finish among the top three in a competition with a horse (place first, second, or third)
Reward: 1 Horn of Plenty
32. Use the notebook
Reward: 10 turnips
Tip: Just click save on the notebook to validate; Community > My Private Mail > last tab
33. Sell 100 units of manure to the shop at a time
Reward: 300 equus
34.Congratulate five players on their game
Reward: calorific mashes
35. Look at the profile page of the Equestrian Center you work at
Reward: 3 aging points
36. Have _____ living horses (2 horses more)
Reward: 500 equus
37. Get congratulated by another player
Reward: 10 apples
38. Send a private message to Ow with “:)” as the title
Reward: 5 energy mashes
Tip: It will say an error occurred after sending the message but it will validate
39. Give birth to a purebred foal (both parents must be the same breed)
Reward: 1 Artemis’ Arrow

40. Reach _____ days of seniority (5 days more)
Reward: 10% energy to all your horses
41. Put horses from your breeding farm to bed _____ times
Reward: 500 equus
42. Reach a breeder reserve of _____ equus (2,000e – 4,000e more)
Reward: 20 turnips
43. Find a tub of grease by putting your horse in a box
Reward: Daphne’s Laurel
Tip: You’ll find this randomly. Put your horse in its box for 30 minutes each to try to increase your chances.
44. Be the director of an equestrian center
Reward: 5,000e for your EC
45. Find secret page number 1
Reward: 5 caloric mashes
Tip: First log out of Howrse > go to “http://howrse.com/ow/2007″  > log in
46. Finish last in five competitions with your horse
Reward: nothing
Tip: enter in competitions using your horse’s worst skill

47. Finish training a horse you gave birth to
Reward: 500e
48. Participate in _____ competitions with you horse
Reward: 1 Sea-horse
Tip: Spend the day entering jumping (12% energy) competitions
49. Win ___ competitions
Reward: 50 apples
Tip: Enter a competition using your horse’s best skill

50. Stroke a horse in the Safe Haven
Reward: 1 Giraffe
51. Have _____ living horses
Reward: 30 apples
Tip: Buy horses for 500e in the sales and resell for profit
52. Catch 1 UFO
Reward: the prize you found in the UFO
53. Purchase a pregnant mare
Reward: 1 Pandora’s Box
54. Buy a horse at auction
Reward: 500 equus
55. Enter a competition that uses 15% – 16% energy
Reward: 1 made-to-measure saddle
56. Reach a breeder reserve ending with 77e
Reward: 5 aging points
Tip: sell items of small value or purchase apples/turnips
57. Add a friend
Reward: 5 energy mashes
58. Have logged in 15 days out of the past 20 days
Reward: 5 calorific mashes
59. Win 1 competition with your horse
Reward: 5 aging points
60. Buy a horse in the private sales
Reward: 500 equus
61. Own an immortal horse
Reward: 2 Squirrels
62. Have a friend offer you a turnip
Reward: the turnip you received
63. Trade or sell a horse for at least 10,000 equus
Reward: 1 Apollo’s Lyre
64. Reach 547 skills with a horse you bred
Reward: Eolus’ Wind
65. Have a horse older than 20 (not special or divine)
Reward: 5 energy mashes
66. Participate in 120 competitions with your horse
Reward: 7 aging points
Tip: Spend the day do jumping competitions worth 12% energy
67. Earn 1.20 Genetic Potentials with one foal you have bred
Reward: 10 turnips
Tip: Use the Foal Games on HT101 (Howrse Tips 101); follow them strictly and make sure your horse always has 100% morale or close to it
Foal Games kg or Foal Games pounds
68. Have ____ living horses
Reward: 1,000 equus
69. Achieve a positive BLUP with a horse you produced
Reward: 1 Horn of Plenty
70. Win a certain number of competitions
Reward: 1,000 equus
71. Reach (+10 days) days of seniority
Reward: 1 made-to-measure saddle
72. Reach a breeder reserve of ______ equus 
Reward: 50 turnips
Tip: may be double the amount of your current balance; maybe purchase some horses/items before this objective comes up so you won’t have to have such a high reserve
73. Find secret page number 2
Reward: 5 diamonds
Tip: Go to Community > Directory > at the top of the page it will say “_____ horses”. Copy that number and add it to the end of this link: http://www.howrse.com/ow/
Links for the other versions:
AU: http://au.howrse.com/ow/2011/(horse #)
CA: http://ca.howrse.com/ow/2011/(horse #)
UK: http://uk.howrse.com/ow/2011/(horse #)
US: http://us.howrse.com/ow/2011/(horse #)
74. Produce a colt using a mare that has positive BLUP
Reward: Black Orchid
75. Put horses from your breeding farm to bed _____ times
Reward: 1,000 equus
76. Arrive in the top 1000 of the breeder or general rankings
Reward: 1 Pandora’s Box
Tip: the easiest way is to rank in popularity by congratulating a lot of players and hoping they return the favour.
77. Log in 18 days out of the past 20
Reward: Daphne’s Laurels
78. Send a horse to heaven
Reward: 1 Pandora’s Box
Tip: Buy a horse in the sales for 500e and age it. Once it’s health drops to zero, you can send it to heaven
79. Completely finish the training of a horse that you produced
Reward: 1 Sea-horse
80. Own a  pegasus
Reward: 1,000 equus
81. Reach (+20 days) days of seniority
Reward: 1 Philotes’ Stroke
82. Win 30 competitions
Reward: 1 cat
83. Have five horses in your equestrian center
Reward: 1 shower
84. Make manure for your EC
Reward: 10 more manure packs
85. Own a horse with 100 BLUP
Reward: 1 made-to-measure bridle
86. Get 10 placings in the top 3 of competitions with horses that you gave birth to
Reward: 1 Dog
87. Find one aging point when your horse wakes up
Reward: 5 aging points
88. Propose an item exchange
Reward: Daphne’s Laurels
Tip: Breeding > Store > Exchange items
89. Participate in 130 competitions with your horse
Reward: 1 pair of Golden Spurs
90. Breed a unicorn
Reward: 1 Horn of Plenty
91. Buy a horse of more than 25 years old with no skill points
Reward: 1 Dragon
Tip: Mortal horses that die at 30 years old will give the owner a pass. Because of this, completing this objective may be expensive. Purchase the cheapest horse in the sales then put it up for sale again to try to get your equus back.
92. Have ______ living horses
Reward: 1 Pluto’s Parchment
93. Earn 1 equus in a competition
Reward: 2,000 equus
Tip: Use a horse with little skill and enter a competition with a kitty of 10e (race of very low difficulty). You must place last to earn 1e.
94. Get a Pandora’s Box by trading items
Reward: 1 Black Orchid
Tip: I put a Pandora’s Box for a Pandora’s Box in the exchange and someone accepted the trade
95. Find a saddle cloth, a whip, and a blanket all on the same horse
Reward: 100% morale for all your horses
Tip: Find these items randomly by putting your horse in a box
96. Give an apple to a horse born on _______ (the date the objective appears for you)
Reward: 1 Helios’ Ray
Tip: Go to Ranking > Breeders > chose someone who owns a lot of horses and browse through their production (at the bottom of their page)
97. Give birth to a horse of a given breed
Reward: 50 turnips
98. Reach a breeder’s reserve that ends in 3333
Reward: 10 aging points
Tip: Selling/buying items in the store will be the key or selling a horse for a set amount (ex: 1,748e)
99. Win 10 competitions with a horse born from Ouranos and Gaïa (non-special, non-divine)
Reward: 1 Philotes’ Stroke
100. Find secret page number 3
Reward: 10 diamonds
Tip: Go to Ranking > Breeders > Number of Competitions won yesterday > Click the first player’s name > Copy the ID number in the address bar > add that to this link: http://www.howrse.com/ow/

If there are any problems or questions write a comment.


  1. With objective number 89 shouldn't be 200 comps?????

    1. Actually yes it should be 200, I'll fix it as soon as possible. If there is anything else just write a comment.